Structural Autoencoders Improve Representations for Generation and Transfer


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Computer Science - Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition,Computer Science - Machine Learning,Statistics - Machine Learning


  • Felix Leeb
  • Yashas Annadani
  • Stefan Bauer
  • Bernhard Schölkopf


We study the problem of structuring a learned representation to significantly improve performance without supervision. Unlike most methods which focus on using side information like weak supervision or defining new regularization objectives, we focus on improving the learned representation by structuring the architecture of the model. We propose a self-attention based architecture to make the encoder explicitly associate parts of the representation with parts of the input observation. Meanwhile, our structural decoder architecture encourages a hierarchical structure in the latent space, akin to structural causal models, and learns a natural ordering of the latent mechanisms. We demonstrate how these models learn a representation which improves results in a variety of downstream tasks including generation, disentanglement, and transfer using several challenging and natural image datasets.